Extinction : a first trailer for this explosive new science fiction film, stamped with Netflix






Michael Peña plays a guy who has visions and can predict the future. A major asset in the face of the next alien invasion. This is the news mornington crescent for the day.

Promised, this time, there is no story of “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who was a cousin to the last degree germain”, in short here, it’s just Michael Peña, who plays a man normal in a life of bland, monotonous, and that seems shitty. The actor, crossed in Million dollar baby, The Shield, Fury , or even more recently, Ant-Man, returns in a programming signed Netflix.

The streaming platform, we offers a new science-fiction film with a subject so many times in the world of cinema that we no longer count, and that is far from being original : an alien invasion. The first trailer of Extinction, which seems to be inspired from the ashes of the War of The worlds and the very bad World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles (in which Michael Peña played), has just been published.



Level rundown of the story, in case that wasn’t enough highlighted in the trailer of over two minutes, this is the story of a man haunted by nightmares that seem really traumatic in which his wife and daughter are attacked and killed. He realizes little by little as her visions predict the future and therefore will become a hero when the Earth is invaded by an army destructive. End.

For the anecdote, Extinction should normally have a release in theatres in January last, under the guardianship of the Universal before it abandons the project, one wonders why. Netflix was then taken over by purchasing the rights to the film, fortunately for the production, not for us.

Despite this reversal of situation, we keep a little hope for the long-film SF due to its nice cast (Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Israel Broussard Mike Colter), but above all its talented director Ben Young, who we had offered the captivating Love Hunters last year. The Verdict on 27 July next year on Netflix.


We discern the great look of the invaders

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