Face ID in the new iPhone will teach you to scan the veins

Face ID в новых iPhone научат сканировать вены

The infrared light can pass through the skin and bounce off the veins of the user.

Apple patents new facial recognition technology, which will include biometric scanning of veins of the user.

This form of biometric authentication could potentially distinguish between twins, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

Office of patents and trademarks U.S. has published a patent on Tuesday. The first application was filed on November 12, 2015, the patent describes the use of an infrared emitter and receiver which can detect the samples of blood vessels below the skin surface.

The system consists of optical transmitter, which emits multiple pulses of infrared light towards the user’s body, e.g., hands or face. The infrared light can pass through the skin and bounce off the veins of the user, whereas the reflected light is captured by a device that is capable of accepting infrared rays.

The data is then generated by the reflected IR light, are processed to generate images of blood vessels within a certain area. Based on time-of-flight of pulses, this method can also be used to create three-dimensional maps of the body surface.

In the patent, Apple notes that existing systems of authentication based on veins of hands are considered to be very accurate “due to the complexity of the veins in the hand.” Because these structures are internal to the body, for a human it would be extremely difficult to create a usable copy, especially when used in conjunction with other biometric systems.

Because the visualization of the vein is contactless, it also “facilitates hygienic problems” associated with other systems that use fingerprints.

Note that while we are talking only about the rights to the new biometric verification system. Apple has a lot of different patents, but not all of the company’s technology is now used in released products.

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