Facebook has introduced a new useful feature

Facebook ввел новую полезную функцию

Facebook introduced a feature to create and publish 3D photosFacebook launched a new feature – create and publish photos in 3D format in the news feed, writes the Chronicle.info with reference on the Argument

To create a volume snapshot, you need to take a photo in portrait mode smartphone. Then in the “Add material for a post” in Facebook then select the photo and send it to the publication in which the technology converts the 3D version automatically.

View volumetric images in the news feed through computer monitor, and with the help of virtual reality glasses Oculus in browser or Firefox.

When selecting photos, users are advised to avoid frames with transparent objects (glass, plastic), and choose photos with contrasting backgrounds or objects. Currently, this option is available for users of iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, or XS.

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