Facebook will restrict advertising of the referendum on abortion in Ireland

Facebook ограничит рекламу референдума об абортах в Ирландии

The social network will have to block ads, so as not to distort the results.

The search giant will block all advertising related to the referendum on abortion in Ireland. A referendum should be held on 25 may.

Before Facebook started to block advertising related to the referendum, not from Irish advertisers.

But Google said it will block all the ads, where she would not have done. Temporary suspension will start from may 10.

Advertising with Google is distributed on millions of websites, including YouTube.

“As a result of increased efforts to ensure fair elections worldwide, we have decided to suspend all advertisements related to the referendum on the Eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution,” – said in a statement.

Voters must decide whether to cancel the norm of the Constitution, which States “the right to life of the unborn”. Now in Ireland there is practically a complete ban on abortion, and abortion can very rarely.

In April, the Commissioner for information security Ireland Helen Dixon said the possibility of the intervention of foreign organizations with the aim to distort the results of the referendum.

The electoral law of Ireland prohibits foreign organizations to Finance the electoral campaigns. However, social networks can advertise, financed from abroad.

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