Fallen in China, the meteorite turned out to be older than the Sun

Упавший в Китае метеорит оказался старше Солнца

“Alien visitor” came to Earth from the asteroid Belt.

Chinese scientists are actively researching a newly fallen meteorite that was older than the Sun. Scientists believe that it can tell people about many of the mysteries of the creation of the Solar system.

June 1 on the vast expanses of China was hit by a meteorite that made a lot of noise. In Yunnan province was found a meteorite, which the scientists decided to examine thoroughly before you put on public display. The results of the analysis impressed the researchers was a meteorite older than the Sun. He’s approximately 4.5 billion years old, while the Sun was not visible because of the dense nebula.

Scientists believe that the “alien visitor” came to Earth from the asteroid Belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. In addition, scientists attribute the meteorite of immense value to human history, as it can tell quite a lot about the origin of the Earth, the Sun and all the Solar system. However, locals assess the meteorite is a bit different – for 0,8 pounds, as they say, a meteorite, they ask for 2 thousand yuan, that equals nearly 20 thousand rubles.

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