Family drama: it shoots a crossbow into the eye of his child and commits suicide

Drame familial: il tire à l'arbalète dans l’œil de son enfant et se suicide

Thursday 21, a man and his three year old boy were found lying on the floor of the family house, a crossbow arrow in the eye. The father died and the boy is between life and death. The trail of the family drama on a background of separation is widely preferred by the gendarmes, according to the local press.

This would be a stroke of madness that would have escalated into attempted murder and then suicide. A father and his little boy three years old were found lying on the floor of the family house, each with a button in the eye for a diamond crossbow. According to the newspaper The Progress that reports the information, it is the track of a family drama that seems to be preferred by the gendarmes.

The facts unfold at Valormey-on-Séran, a commune of the Ain, on Thursday, 21. Worried not to have news of his brother was weakened by a recent separation, a man is made in the afternoon at the home of the victims to discover the scene of horror.

The little boy was lying on the couch with an arrow buried in her left eye. The father, himself, was also injured in the eye or elsewhere in the house. The two victims were transported by helicopter to a hospital in Lyon. The father died shortly after. When the young boy, he is between life and death. According to The Progress, his prognosis is always engaged and the doctors would be rather pessimistic about his chances of survival.

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This is the floor of Bourg-en-Bresse, which has confirmed that this drama took place in a context of separation between the parents, which directs naturally to an attempt of the father to kill his child before killing himself. Sign seeming to confirm this scenario, the man had bought himself a few days ago, a crossbow, and could have premeditated the fatal act.

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