Famous actress scared of the social network

Известная актриса напугала соцсети

Relationship with followers at Roberts far from perfect.

Visiting the international film festival in Toronto Julia Roberts caught the attention of fans with their appearance, not so long ago they criticized her for her weight, now fans think that the Hollywood star is excessively thin.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to rambler.ru.

Your opinions they share in Instagram of the actress, the account which has repeatedly criticized the social network Roberts started in June, the newspaper writes The Economic Times.

The actress is proud that she managed to lose 13 pounds. Although early in its growth of 175 centimeters, the actress was in good shape, her weight was 60 kg, but now the actress weighs less than 50 pounds. These figures make fans think that the 50-year-old actress should be overly catwalk beauty standards that may adversely affect her health.

In some cases it even disables comments to your photos. So, very recently one of the fans of the actress posted a photo of Roberts in a long black from Dsquared, comparing it to the old Hollywood star Joan Crawford. “Who wore it better?” he wrote in the caption to the photo, explaining that he believes the late actress is much more elegant and refined. The critics were divided.

Then target a manicure Actresses. Its black color seemed inappropriate followers. And then Roberts could not resist.

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