Famous rock musician has cancelled the concert due to health problems

Известный рок-музыкант отменил концерт из-за проблем со здоровьем

Rock singer Ozzy Osbourne canceled his concert in the Californian city of mountain view for emergency surgery.

English rock musician Ozzy Osbourne was supposed to perform at the Shoreline amphitheater in the Californian city of mountain view, however, the concert was canceled because of an operation on the hand.

The legendary Ozzy Osbourne was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery on his hand, which was held on 6 October. The reason for the surgery was the infection that got into the body of the musician.

Some days the rock legend will be in the clinic in Los Angeles, because the treatment of the infection is still ongoing. But despite the unfortunate incident, Ozzy Osborne not to give in to despair and publishes funny photos from the clinic where he operated on hand eating an ice cream cone.

“Feel better after the surgery. Helped ice cream,” reads the caption to a photo of the artist.

I should add that the concert in mountain view became part of the farewell tour Osbourne No More Tours 2. The concert program will last from October 10, promise to the Osborne.

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