Famous Ukrainian artists took exciting clip for Earth Day (Video)

Известные украинские художники сняли захватывающий клип ко Дню Земли (Видео)

Group One Planet Orchestra along with a team of renowned artists shot a video for Earth Day to encourage Ukrainians to live in harmony with nature.

Video filmed near the village of hotyanovka, where filmmakers found an ancient oak, which became the main hero of the video.

Clip for the Day of the Land from One Planet Orchestra:

As explained by the author and the leader of One Planet Orchestra Paul Visibaba, the oak tree symbolizes the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life yellow, and we wouldn’t even notice. Over the past half century we have lost 60% of the animal population, according to the WWF, and continue to lose 110 species of animals and insects every day – quotes Visibaba up.

Co-scriptwriter video was made by the cult Ukrainian writer liubko Deresh, and a Director of photography Denis Dujnic, which makes a video for “Boombox”. It is worth noting that the film crew of 40 people participated in the creation of videos absolutely for free.

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