Famous Ukrainian singer scored a funny prank at the concert

Известный украинский певец отличился забавной выходкой на концерте

Ukrainian singer Dmitriy Shurov, known as Pianoboy, told the fans what funny incident happened to him at the concert in Chernivtsi.

Incredible atmosphere and singing in unison with hundreds of followers isn’t the only thing that will be remembered Dmitry Shurov in Chernivtsi, which took place on 6 October. A curious situation that happened during the concert, will long remember Pianoboy.

According to the artist, impulsively he jumped off the stage to his fans. People in love support. But to get back on stage Dmitry Shurova not so easy.

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“There was a funny episode when jumped to people unplanned (the scene is very high, sewn and did not include the possibility to climb) – said Hello and asked the local guards to plant, they replied that they “no service”. I said, “Well, what are you, a concert is going on. Cast me back.” And they told me: “No”, – said Dmitry Shurov.

For a few seconds Pianoboy tried to find a way to the stage. Realizing that other he had no choice, a singer in the middle of the concert independently began to climb.

“Climb itself, like Bruce Lee, and the sister pulled. Probably look funny from the side,” added Pianoboy.

The actor added a video which shows how he jumped from the stage to the fans and greeted them. Funny moment of the comeback is not yet published online.

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