Fans of the Hemsworth brothers are discussing the inflated figure of their father: “What is he muscular!”

Craig Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth

The last photo posted by Liam Hemsworth in Instagram, had given his followers a very violent reaction. In the picture the actor was captured along with his father Craig and mother Leonie.

Went up on the mountain with your grandparents this morning and came across a rattlesnake, saying to the brother that they’re not there,

— he signed the picture.

Liam Hemsworth with father Craig and mother Leonie

But not the stunning landscape and the story of the actor caught the attention of fans of the 28-year-old fiance Miley Cyrus, and his… father. Or rather his figure. Bulging muscles so strongly impressed the users on the network that they were literally stunned.

It’s exactly your father?

Dad Thor.

God, he’s muscular!— comment followers Liam the.

Craig and Liam HemsworthCraig Hemsworth with his sons. Archive photo

In fairness it should be noted that the mother of Hemsworth got no less than compliments. Some even considered her to be the sister of actor.

Your parents look amazing!

And you still call them “Oldies”?!

Now it is clear who the Hemsworth brothers are athletic and fit. As noted fans of Liam against genetics you will not go. However, when she is good, do not need it.

Liam and Chris Hemsworth parents

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