Fans suddenly met Alla Pugacheva in the supermarket

Alla Pugacheva with her son Harry

42-year-old Maxim Galkin regularly shared with the followers family photos and videos, which shows the talents of the children Harry and Lisa and fashionable bows his 69-year-old wife Alla Pugacheva. On the days of the famous parodist published in Instagram a new photo that has caused quite a mixed reaction from subscribers.

It Alla together with a five year old Harry makes a purchase in one of the shops of the famous economy chain of supermarkets. In the picture Alla interested goes between the row of stalls, pushing a cart with food, in which sits her son. As Maxim explained, the frame was made by fans of the Diva.

Purchased. Yesterday Alla Garik was in the shop — someone had photographed. Fans of Alla have published accounts. Wherever the wife went sure someone will make a photo report. In the dark will remain

— wrote Galkin under fan photos.

Alla Pugacheva with her son Harry

Followers have reacted to the unusual photo Pugacheva. And while some praised Allah for the desire “to be closer to the people”, others are puzzled about the fact that Russian pop star she goes shopping, rather than assigning this work to the housekeeper or other staff. Many even suspected that in fact photo staging, and I began to blame for this starry couple:

Is it possible she goes to the market, Yes one hundred percent engaged in domestic staff!Just a photo for instagram.All buyers drove.

By the way, judging by the outfit and the hairstyle in the photo, shopping at the supermarket Alla Pugacheva went right before the party, on the third anniversary of the daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova Veronica. At the feast of the Diva appeared with the same lush fleece on the head and in black dress. It is not excluded that Allah was stopping by the grocery store to buy sweets for children’s parties.

Alla Pugacheva at the birthday party of the daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova Alla Pugacheva at a children’s party with daughter Lisa

By the way, we have this from the supermarket reminded about one of the cult hits Diva “as all”, which was written and performed for the movie “the Woman who sings”. We offer you remember this song, telling of a complicated (as it may seem at first!) the fate of the stars.

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