Fashion digest: elegant Lily-rose Depp to Barbie dolls in couture dresses

Lily-Rose Depp

The most anticipated and perhaps the main event this week was the screening of the Victoria’s Secret. New faces, a touching farewell records and change of style — the emotions, as always, was filled, and the show was spectacular. But the fashion world is not standing still — SPLETNIK.RU gathered other interesting news over the past week.

1.Barbie doll is now dressed in Yves Saint Laurent

Not only bombshells wear clothes from luxury brands. Now clothes “Haute couture” appeared in Barbie. Museum of Yves Saint Laurent in conjunction with the company Mattel released a collection of dolls dressed in iconic outfits from the French fashion designer.

All three options are available: jacket Sahara sand color dress “Mondrian” inspired by the work of abstract artist Piet Mondrian, and evening dress “Paris” with a velvet skirt and a satin pink bow on the back. Dolls are already on sale, the cost of each is $ 150. I think it’s time to do Christmas gifts!

2.Wrangler has released a collection in honor of Freddie mercury

On the street all the fans of the band Queen came a real feast! The screens came the long-awaited biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and now the brand Wrangler pleased with their capsule collection dedicated to the work of the legendary musical group.

3.Marc Jacobs released his controversial collection of 25 years ago

Look for inspiration in the past, the normal practice for creative people. But if the past was so great, then why do it at all to rethink — you can just repeat! Apparently, it was reasoned Marc Jacobs. The designer decided to re-release his iconic “grunge” collection for spring/summer 1993, which he created for the brand Perry Ellis.

Layering and the combination of skirts and trousers in a single outfit the fashion critics did not appreciate the collection, then, has caused shock among the public, and Jacobs was dismissed from the post of creative Director. The revived model is already available.

4.Cardi B started to collaborate with the Reebok brand

The brand sportswear has a new Ambassador — they became well-known rap singer Cardi B. Your choice Reebok explained that the star perfectly embodies the core values of the brand: courage, confidence and desire to achieve my goals. The singer has already starred in the first shoot for the brand.

5.Lily-rose Depp starred for the holiday campaign, Chanel

Fashion brands are reportedly gearing up for the festive season. Christmas campaign recently announced that Burberry, and this week the first frame to be loaded on to dance at the Christmas tree, shared, and Chanel.

Lily-Rose Depp

6.Jean-Paul Gaultier will turn Brazilian carnival fashion show

French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for his extravagant collections, this week announced the beginning of cooperation with the dance school Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Portela, whose dancers will take part in the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Specially for this event, Jean-Paul Gaultier will be designing for them, and to help him to be creative Director of the school rose Magalhaes.

Jean Paul Gaultier with dancers

7.Ezra Miller surprised everyone with its futuristic bow at the premiere

Yesterday at the Paris premiere of the film “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald”. The main star on the red carpet was Ezra Miller, who played in the film of Credence of Barbona. Before the assembled photographers and fans, the actor has appeared in a long coat, reminiscent of a Cape, and with brightly painted lips. Spectacular robe with a hood-helmet — part of the actual Moncler. Netizens, of course, could not resist and began to mock at the bow-Ezra — from Instagram appeared various memes.

Ezra Miller

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