Father used a year-old son “like a baseball bat” in a dispute with a woman

Отец использовал годовалого сына «как бейсбольную биту» в споре с женщиной

Father used a year-old son “like a baseball bat” in a dispute with a woman

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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Techout Danny lim picked up 18-month-old son in his arms and swung them during an argument with a woman.

Police detective in riverside , Jerilyn Czubakowski said the shocking video, released last week, shows how the 27-year-old Californian child was used “almost like a baseball bat“.

Thanks to the surveillance cameras neighbor Techchoice, the police managed to reproduce what is happening. According to police, the woman tried to hide from her boyfriend, but when he found her, was furious.

Within a few moments, shows how the man first threw the boy, and then abruptly grabbed his hands, trying to convey to the woman. After that, the child again takes to the ground.

The child dropped to the floor and used as a weapon, it was awful, told journalists WSVN neighbor Mike Ogen, who gave the video to the police. — My wife is still shook up about it“.

As it turned out, the woman in the video is not the child’s natural mother, but she shared with Technocom custody.

Police arrested Thechoice for domestic violence, cruelty to a child and serious bodily injury. The baby is now with his biological mother. He found only a few cuts and bruises.

The man posted bail in the amount of $50 thousand.

Another terrible thing happened this week in Arkansas. 19-year-old father strangled 2-month-old daughter, and then tried to revive the discharge current from the cord of the extension cord, which cut off the end.

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