Ferrari is testing hybrid variant 488 models

Ferrari тестирует гибридный вариант 488 модели

The experts also analyzed the back of the car.

In the Internet appeared the video of the tests of the new Ferrari 488 option.

Most likely, the spies could see a hybrid version of the model. This is evidenced by the design of the hood, where the visible is completely different form the inlet holes.

The experts also analyzed the rear of the vehicle not reached a consensus about its design. It has been suggested that there is placed in the charger.

The version of the hybrid is confirmed by machine generated noise. More than anything in the video that you hear the friction of tires on pavement.In addition, representatives of Ferrari have previously announced that they will soon launch a hybrid powertrain in its lineup. However, it was not specified which model will be chosen for the experiment.

It remains to wait for new information. It is quite possible that soon the representatives of the Ferrari will be included in the members of family of hybrids.

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