Festival Cinespana of Toulouse : Carmen and Lola, Ta acorda ba you el Filipinas ? and Hayati






The competition will soon end and we thought naively that from now on, things would gradually calm down. Lack of pot, the Festival has said that he was going to keep us the best for the end.


Carmen and Lola



For his first feature film made all alone (after the film Omnibus 7 from Etheria), the film director Arantxa Echevarria was certainly not chosen an easy subject. Speaking of the love story of homosexual between two young gypsy girls, the director works directly with the value of the weight of the traditions and the confines of the community. People who live folded on themselves, guided by religion and the common good at the expense of individual happiness.

If the social painting of the world gypsy works, particularly in its approach to documentary about their culture and habits (a very beautiful scene of betrothal in particular), the film shows that, unfortunately, its weaknesses when it must convince us of the famous love story between Carmen and Lola. Poorly paced, poorly constructed, it actually shows on the with a certain artificiality that its two actresses main, Zaira Romero and Rosy Rodriguez, know how to mitigate thanks to a more intense and more invested.

There remains, however, that the film draws a little too much in length, sometimes has trouble managing his romance, forbidden, and lost in the end in a side too demonstrative that night to this beautiful story upset. But his painting of the weight of traditions, taboos, religious and the desire for freedom that captures the new generations remains exciting.


Ta acorda ba you el Filipinas ?



We go back to the section documentaries, decidedly high-quality, to discover Your acorda ba you el Filipinas ? and a topic that we did not know first of all : the cultural legacy of spain to the Philippines. After years of colonization, filipinos are searching for a identity. At the junction of several crossroads, torn between Asia, Europe and the East, they have developed a language all their own, the “chacabano”, a mixture of Spanish and native languages.

Through several stories, it is the colonial past of the country that goes all out, rushed by the history and the revolutions and who is looking for a future. It is at the discretion of the various interventions that this quest is reflected in the image, in a rhythm but unfortunately a bit poorly mastered, which makes the whole sometimes a little hard to swallow. The multiplicity of points of view, coupled with a lack of real red thread leaves us a bit out of the film, despite its fascinating subject and important.

That one is not mistaken there, however, these slags formal do not interfere with, never really on the bottom, a very rich and really needed, particularly in light of the upheavals experienced by the Philippines at the present time.





The last documentary in competition, Hayati is a real shock, to which we were not necessarily prepared. Story of a young syrian living in Turkey to escape the conflict, the film invites us to follow over several months, between injuries, attempts of reconstruction, and the desire for a normal life with a family reunited.

Combining real life images and animated sequences (representing their output of Syria at the time of the outbreak of the conflict), the film immediately takes to the throat, shaking and can only remind us, not without a hint of guilt, our privileged position. While staying at the height of a man, Hayati hits its target with ease.

With this young man separated from his bride for 3 years, and whose parents-in-law are impatient, or this rising star of the football syrian, who wishes to join his father and his brothers refugees in Spain, or another, not fully out of adolescence, who has chosen to marry on the ground Turkish to start a family. This is the full horror of the war and the will to live which is expressed here in a series of sequences that very friendly sometimes pure poetry.

Beautifully filmed, fast-paced and narrated, Hayati is a great film about loneliness, the waiting and the impossible reconstruction. A small gem of humanity, we hope to see it distributed among us very soon.


To be continued…



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