Festival Cinespana of Toulouse : Sotabosc, Viaje al cuarto de una madre, Lo que diran






After the small crush that was The disease of Sunday, yesterday, we wondered what the festival we had kept in reserve. And we can say that we have not been disappointed.





With Sotabosc, the second film of David Gutiérrez Camps (after The Juan Bushwick Diaries in 2013), it is a face, rather unusual in Spain which we are presented. In this case that of Musa, a young mauritanian, living as much in the surroundings of Girona. A daily pick-up and waiting, in the hope of getting a work which will probably never be.

What strikes one immediately is the post-apocalyptic atmosphere that emanates from the film, with its fog, its grey, its streets deserted and its humans who are only ghostly figures. And it works rather well, it installs everything on the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the film loses almost immediately. In his will, sticking closely to his subject, Sotabosc forgets that it also needs to tell a story, and we relate to with real characters.

This approach is almost documentary would not pose any problem if it was something other than Musa who climbs the trees, Musa who forage in the forest, Musa which makes its racing, Musa who is waiting. Of course, all of this means something and the about background on the report to the foreign and misery is very interesting, but it is totally disabled by a form that forgets the codes to primary narration. Unless there is a real will of the director and that we have not understood anything. This is also possible.


Viaje al cuarto de una madre



By an effect of irony striking, the film next shows us that what we could reproach to Sotabosc is far from impossible. First feature film by Celia Rico Clavellino, Viaje al cuarto de una madre invites us into the daily lives of a mother and her daughter. Still marked by the death of the father, the two women live in isolation in their apartment while the young Leonor arrives at an age where she wants to from home. It is in deciding to become an au pair in London she’s going to stir the fragile balance between them.

That this is a film that, while simple on the form, but so rich in the background. In fact, if he does not pay mine first, Viaje al cuarto de una madre proves to be an excellent study on emotional dependence, and the report merged between parents and children. It has this great intellect never to highlight the line, never force the issue, while allowing the characters to exist in their framework stuffy. Occurring almost exclusively in an apartment, he uses the geography of its setting with a high intelligence, with an enhanced attention to detail quite impressive. It is served from two extraordinary actresses : the masterful Lola Dueñas and the excellent Anna Castillo.

Turned to the economy, Viaje al cuarto de una madre proves to everyone who doubted that this is not the grandiloquence formal to make good movies, and to be concluded in all simplicity on a well-known saying : “Less is more”.



Lo que diran



Registry change for the last film of the day since we went to see what was happening on the side of the competition documentaries to discover Lo que dirán, the first film of Nila Núñez. On the occasion of a work of end of studies, two in high school, muslim school Barcelona decide to ask the question of the veil. One wears the hijab and is from a family pakistani traditionalist while the other, moroccan, rebelled against his upbringing to live as any western.

In this movie remarkable, the filmmaker leaves the beautiful part to its speakers, and reveals an intimacy far from the clichés. This beautiful film avoids the pitfalls of the critique of religion. Of course, Islam is at the centre but it is treated as a backdrop. It is here, in fact, to understand both points of view, to the height of a teenager, to understand the life choices and that, of course, the history of sailing is much more complex than what the media want to tell us.

Always on the wire, ambivalent in their speeches, these two teenage girls alone represent the new report to the hijab and the religion, imbued with a hint of modernity, influenced by the social networks and who is struggling to be accepted by the previous generation. If you see a speech libertarian obvious, the film has the great intelligence also highlight the weight unconscious of the education and speech bludgeoned with since childhood. We find ourselves with a character in a contradictory situation, who aspire to freedom while promising already to what is expected of them. Troubling and exciting, raising a true reflection that more is needed. A very beautiful film.


To be continued…



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