FIFA plans to change the rules of rental players

ФИФА планирует изменить правила аренды футболистов

The international football Federation (FIFA) may limit the club on the number given in the lease of players.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, soon in FIFA can change the rules of rental players. Clubs will no longer be able in large numbers to send their players to other teams. Accordingly, the giants prefer to keep the balance of 40-60 players, will have to abandon this practice.

FIFA is going to limit clubs to eight rented for the season, including not more than three or four players in one team. Exceptions may be made for players under the age of 21 years.

In Europe, the record for most leases are “Chelsea” and “Juventus” – the English this season, was sent to hire 40 players, the Italians – 26. Common Arend sin Manchester city, real Madrid, Barcelona and other top clubs on the continent.

In Ukraine in terms of leases traditionally lead “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo”. The Pitmen prefer their players to send in “Mariupol”, which minimizes the intrigue in face-to-face encounters. Main partners of “Dynamo” are capital “Arsenal” and “dawn”.

Both giants of the Premier League do not allow rental players to take the field in matches with my main team.

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