Figured out how to steal money from sellers with Internet sites (photos)

Придумали, как выманить деньги у продавцов с интернет-сайтов (фото)

Scammers have devised a scheme how to steal money not only from buyers but also sellers of goods on specialized sites.

“A man called, said he wants to buy a product. Sent a courier. I waited for the message that the money listed on the card and gave the product. In an hour I go in Privat, and no money. It turned out that the message was sent from a normal phone, and Bank account money not received,” – says the victim Marina, writes Columnist.

According to her, later, the scammers offered to buy goods for 1, 5 thousand UAH. But she refused.

Придумали, как выманить деньги у продавцов с интернет-сайтов (фото)

“Sell wedding dress. The client called and asked me to send the dress to Khmelnitsky. Said that the money listed on the card, but you need to approach the terminal. He asked for the card number, which was supposed to transfer the money. And said to enter in the terminal the card number and the amount of money that supposedly will be credited to my card. As a result, I sent the scammer their money and went home to wait for the translation”, – says a resident of the Dnieper Anya.

Experts advise, not to tell strangers personal information, excluding your credit card number. Before to give the product, be sure to check whether the passed payment. For example, to call the Bank or check your account via the Internet. Before you pay for the goods, make sure that you really receive your purchase.

According to the lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik, for fraud Ukrainians are facing up to 5 years in prison. If the scheme is pulled off by a group of individuals – up to 12 years.

“When the terminals started to ask for payment. Like, make the terminal a certain amount to recharge your phone, but don’t click pay until I’m fit and not give you the money. And then it turns out that after the introduction of numbers and making sums of money to return is not,” he says.

Finding cheaters is almost impossible. Money transfer to several accounts. The result is removed in small amounts or, for example, translate into cryptocurrency. In the past year from the accounts of the Ukrainians stole 670 million.