Fires in a Westmount businessman: arrest

Montreal police have arrested a suspect in connection with three arson attacks on the home of a Westmount businessman in recent months.

The investigators of the Montreal City Police Service’s Fire Fighter Module (SPVM) were sparing of comments, contenting themselves with stating that the suspect was arrested this morning at his home in the Saint-Laurent borough north of the metropolis.

The man was questioned by the police at the time of publishing these lines. He should be released and may appear in court at a later date.

Since the fall, three fires have been lit at the residence of businessman John Essaris on Edgehill Road in Westmount. The vehicles parked in its entrance were first burned on October 18th, and the house was the target of a first Molotov cocktail on November 30th. A second incendiary device was launched on the house on March 13th. The fire caused serious damage.

The Essaris family is one of the most prosperous in Montreal. John Essaris is the son of James Essaris. The latter owns Parking Metropolitain, which manages more than 24,000 parking spaces in Montreal. James Essaris also has interests in real estate (The Crystal of the Mountain) and in the restoration (Ponytail). James and his son John run their businesses in the same building at 1233 Johns’ Mountain Street.

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