Fires in the Amazon have raised the temperature at the earth’s surface to 105 degrees Celsius

Пожары в Амазонии подняли температуру у поверхности земли до 105 градусов Цельсия

According to a new report from NASA, the fires in the Amazon rain forest has brought an incredible heat in the whole region.

New image published by the Agency, reveal areas in Brazil and Bolivia, where the surface temperature exceeds the maximum measured temperature of the sensor device about 105 degrees Celsius. These areas are near the border of the fire.

In addition, the thick smoke conceals the greater part of the flame during the review from space. The Agency makes photos affected by fires in the Amazon region, August 23.

The international community has appealed to the government of Brazil, headed by President Jairam of Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) with the requirement to take all possible steps to localize forest fires in the Amazon jungle. To do this, from around the world gave $ 20 million.