Five modern cars, created based on legendary models from the USSR

Пять современных авто, созданных по мотивам легендарных моделей из СССР

We’ve gathered five modern concepts, which are drawn based on the legendary car of the Soviet Union.Many motorists are skeptical of the Soviet car industry and I think most of the models are copies, or the successful borrowing of Western models, technically backward and with low quality workmanship. And in many ways, these critics are right, but still was the Soviet cars that deserve respect, writes the with reference on the Car.

1. Lada CaliforniaНива clearly never been plagiarism — that it became the first production car with permanent all-wheel drive and rodonachalniki class crossovers. The machine combines excellent permeability and acceptable comfort on the roads. Here only it is outdated for more than forty years. It has long been rumored about the release of a new model Fields. Perhaps it was the design of Dennis Ponyatov will form the basis for new products.

2. Zaporozhetses — the legend of the Ukrainian automobile industry, and the most recognizable model is the “Humpback” ZAZ-965 is the first Ukrainian car. Given that vintage mini is now in Vogue (take the same Fiat 500 or Mini), this machine could really be successful and to raise the plant which is now idle.

3. Walgama “Volga” is not used since 2011, when they finally stopped producing Volga Siber on the basis of Chrysler Sebring. The original family ceased to exist in 2008-m. But many still dream of a new “Volga”: a big, beautiful, comfortable and affordable car. There are many such projects, but we are the most successful seems to be the option that gathered the style elements of different generation (read here and GAZ-21 and 24 and 3102). Rumor has it, GAS is going to revive the model, but it will be a different car — truck distribution.

4. VAZ-2101″Classics” AVTOVAZ stopped producing back in 2012, the last car was a station wagon VAZ-2104. Once there was a project using the “classic” RWD platform and a new body, but in the series he never went. Now there are rumors about the new model with another approach: a platform from Vesta and retro design in the spirit of “kopecki”.

5. GAS-69Новую version of the legendary SUV in small batches is already collecting tuning Truck Garage. They left his body and a completely redesigned suspension and transmission. So, the machines had automatic transmissions and modern engines 3.0 to 6.0 liters.

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