Five proven remedies to speed up metabolism

Пять проверенных средств для ускорения обмена веществ

Using these methods, you can considerably lose weight.

Certainly you often hear the word metabolism. But, you may not fully imagine, about what there is a speech, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference on HealthInfo.

Under metabolism involve a number of physical and chemical processes of the human body, relevant to the energy consumption.

It is closely connected with such processes as digestion, breathing, maintaining body temperature and circulation.

As reported by health info with reference to “Home”, experts have told how the faster metabolism makes it easier to lose weight. We will talk about how to achieve this using simple natural remedies.

Metabolism and weight loss

Basal metabolism regulates the calorie consumption in the human body. Thus, metabolic changes can lead to the recruitment or weight loss regardless of what we eat.

This explains the fact that some people eat a little, but fattening. While other nothing do not limit yourself and remain slim.

The good news is that some natural remedies can help to regulate metabolism, not affecting other vital processes of the body. Because of this, we can lose weight and improve digestion.

In addition, the control of metabolism helps protect against various metabolic disorders, e.g. thyroid disease and diabetes.

How to speed up metabolism?

1. Drink water

This simple habit, recommended by all doctors, is a great way of speeding up the metabolism. Unfortunately, not all of us can cultivate.

To maintain stable metabolism, it is recommended to drink water in small SIPS throughout the day. Drink water in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to sleep.

In addition to the acceleration of the metabolism of water helps cleanse the body of toxins and prevents fluid retention.

If you find it difficult to drink plain water can add a little lemon juice or a few drops of stevia. Can drink as hot and cold water.

The most important thing is to always keep on hand a bottle of water in order not to forget to drink.

2. Say no to sedentary lifestyle

It a sedentary lifestyle is the main enemy of our metabolism. Because of him, we become passive and lazy.

The situation is further complicated when, after long hours in the office, we come home and sit in front of TV or spend long hours at the computer.

In order to avoid this, it is recommended every 30-40 minutes to pause and stretch. Can perform a few stretching exercises, or do anything else that requires your movement.

Perhaps this advice will seem insignificant, but even such a small thing can beneficially impact not only on metabolism, but on the whole your health in General.

In addition, it is recommended to devote time to physical exercise of high or moderate intensity at least 2-3 times a week.

3. Plenty of sleep

Although during the day it is recommended to stay energetic and active with the coming of night we needed a good rest. This importance is not only the number of hours of sleep, but also its quality.

The every human body follows natural rhythms certain sunlight. The sun, they are slowed down in order to re-accelerate in the morning.

If you suffer from insomnia or Wake up tired in the morning, you need to pay attention to relaxation practice and meditation. Give them at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Before going to sleep need to put away all electronic devices. The fact that they have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, which negatively affects the quality of sleep.

4. Eat several times a day

Many nutritionists suggest to eat small portions several times a day. Of course, every human body has its own individual characteristics. Nevertheless, people with a slower metabolism might need this recommendation.

Try to eat 5 times a day, choosing nutrient-rich foods that are well saturated. Most importantly — do not overeat and eat in small portions.

These meals together with water taken on an empty stomach, will help to maintain a fast pace metabolism throughout the day.

5. Use spices

Many spices are able to activate our metabolism in a natural way. In addition, they have a number of useful properties. To accelerate metabolism are recommended daily to use when cooking the following spices:

Cayenne pepper: one of the best means of accelerating the metabolism, the pepper stimulates the production of gastric juices, has a warming effect and increases calorie consumption.

Enter the Cayenne pepper in your diet should be gradual, starting with small amounts. This will avoid irritation of the digestive system. You can gradually increase the amount of pepper.

Ginger: ginger root is an excellent stimulant and diuretic, and also normalizes digestion. It is ideal for cooking meat, fish, desserts, cocktails and soft drinks.

Cinnamon: the greatest healing properties of different Ceylon cinnamon. It has a stimulating effect on the organism, improves our blood circulation and digestion. In addition, this spice is an aphrodisiac.

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