Five Ukrainians deported from Poland for illegal work

Пять украинцев депортировали из Польши за незаконную работу

The Polish frontier guards from the village Toplice Lubuski voivodship in Western Poland detained five citizens of Ukraine, who illegally worked in construction. Foreigners are required within 30 days to leave Poland, and the employer faces a penalty of 30 thousand zlotys (7 million euros). Ukrainians also six months, was denied entry to the territory of the Schengen countries. It is reported by UNN with reference to Polish radio.

By words a press-Secretary Addresscode of Department of a Border service Joanna Konechna, when controlling the legality of employment, the border guards checked the documents of a group of men who worked at one of the buildings in the city Heat.

It turned out that five citizens of Ukraine without any documents, on the basis of which they can legally work in Poland.

“Men had only biometric passports. However, they did not have lawful work permits or statements of intent instructions work to a foreigner,” said Konecnik.

She added that the employer who employed the men, has not recorded any statements of intent to charge foreigners performing work.