Flooding in Indonesia has claimed the lives of 11 schoolchildren

Наводнение в Индонезии унесло жизни 11 школьников

Conducted search and rescue operations.The floods in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra on Friday killed 11 students of the Islamic school, another went missing, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to UKRINFORM.

“The floods led to the deaths of at least 11 children in an Islamic school in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra on Friday”, – stated in the message.

Flooding occurred in the area of the Mondale-Natal in North Sumatra on Friday after torrential rain, destroying more than 20 houses.

According to local police chief, the class of 29 students was in the school in the village of Muara Saldi, when the area was overtaken by the element. But 11 confirmed dead, one student is missing. Conducted search and rescue operations.

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