Fluffy the mayor: the head of the town in California was… a Golden Retriever

Пушистый мэр: главой городка в Калифорнии стал… золотой ретривер

Fluffy the mayor: the head of the town in California was… a Golden Retriever

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: facebook.com/mayor.max.3

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Many consider dogs man’s best friend, but residents of a small community in California did not stop there. They decided to entrust the fate of their town chetyrehkantnomu and make it… as its mayor!

Golden Retriever Maximus mighty Dog Mueller, II (Maximus the Mighty Dog Mueller II), or mayor Max, was officially elected mayor of Idyllwild.

His role is to make the world better, expressing boundless love and doing lots of good deeds for others, “said the chief of staff of the mayor Phyllis Mueller.

In 2012, uncle max was elected the first mayor in the history of Idyllwild. All these 6 years Max worked in the office, you can say, shoulder to shoulder with his cousin.

You had to be a local resident to run but could not you and… your pet, told Mueller about the first ballot for mayor. — Election ran for 14 dogs and two cats, and we decided to hold a vote to raise money for animal rescue services. Thus, if you paid $ 1 for your vote, you could vote many more times“.

Mayor Max often travels by car (not driving, of course), and together with Mueller every day of public speaking to show themselves to the community and to attract tourists.

Posted by Mayor Max on Sunday, November 2, 2018

Max is a terrific, — said in an interview with KMIR TV Andrea Valades, one of the visitors of the town. — He is very friendly and allowed my son to treat himself“.

His hard “wear” the Retriever will have to bear all his life, he will hold the office of mayor until the end of his days. By the way, all the skeptics can relax, because community is actually managed by the chief of staff of the mayor.

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