Football fans are not recommended to remember, in Kiev, on Russia or the Soviet Union

Футбольным фанам не рекомендуют вспоминать в Киеве о России или СССР

On Thursday, the 21st of February, in Kiev will be the match of the 1/16 finals of Europe League between FC Dynamo Kyiv and Olympiacos. The first match ended with the score 2:2.

A group of Greek fans preparing to travel to Ukraine and the official website of the club made for traveling information. Explains, in particular, locating and transport issues, but more interesting is another thing. Olympiakos have announced the list of things that are not recommended to the Greek fans to do in Kiev.

Among them:

* not to engage in political discussions, in particular, about the military situation in the East of Ukraine;
* do not use the symbols of the Russian Federation;
* do not use the symbols of the former USSR and Communist symbols;
* do not use symbols Olympiacos on the way to the stadium;
* do not use any symbols of the Moscow “Spartak”.

The club are obviously familiar with the tendency of fans to provocations. Such provocation was, by the way, in the first match between these teams when in the stands “Karaiskakis” there was the flag of Russia. We also know that the fans of Olympiacos, “Spartacus” and “red Star” are warm and friendly relations, forming the so-called “Orthodox Union”.