For the first year increased sales of smartphones

Впервые за года выросли продажи смартфонов

In a few years smartphone sales were falling because people were trying to update their devices longer and tried not to change them. However, the last 2 years, the growth in mobile devices sales is again gaining momentum, showed a report from Strategy Analytics.

The results of the evaluation showed that global smartphone shipments grew 2% this quarter compared to last year. Overall, sales grew from of 359.8 million units worldwide in the third quarter of 2018 to 366,3 million in the third quarter of 2019. Linda Sui (Linda Sui), Director of Strategy Analytics, believes that this growth is due to strong competition driving down prices and consumers choosing larger displays and connectivity 5G.

Growth this quarter was due mainly to Samsung and Huawei. Samsung’s sales rose by 8 percent compared to last year, while sales of Huawei by 29 per cent over the same period. In the case of Apple sales actually fell by 3 percent compared to last year. However, Strategy Analytics believes that Apple has begun to stabilize thanks to lower prices on the iPhone 11 and the growth of demand in Asia and at home.