Ford has equipped the crossover Edge artificial intelligence

Ford оснастила кроссовер Edge искусственным интеллектом

This model became the first American brand has used smart technology.

Digging Ford presented a revolutionary all-wheel drive system All-wheel Drive Disconnect that is installed on serial Ford Edge crossover next year, reports the with reference to

This model was the first where the American brand has applied this technology, which can, depending on the situation to adjust the operation modes of all-wheel drive powertrain.

The basis of this system lay artificial intelligence technologies: they are responsible for accurate calculations, and taken by the system (for a split second!) solutions.

Need data system to supply dozens of sensors, from speed to temperature auto. Based on this information, the system either applies the full drive or not. What the moment of transition between the mono – and all-wheel drive, the driver does not notice. Interestingly, if need be, smart intelligence will be redirected to the rear wheels to 100% torque. In addition to strong traction, an electronic “assistant” helps the driver to save fuel.

To make the system work as required, she wrote a special algorithm based on the principles of the so-called “fuzzy” logic.

The mathematical apparatus of fuzzy logic is actively used in artificial intelligence systems and neural networks in the cells of a living organism.

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