Ford promises to cut gasoline prices by 10 cents per liter (PHOTO)

Форд обещает снизить цены на бензин на 10 центов за литр (ФОТО)

A progressive conservative government will reduce gasoline prices in Ontario by 10 cents a litre, abandoning the program restraint of trade in the province and reducing the provincial sales tax, said Doug Ford on Wednesday.

Such a decision would mean the loss of billions for the Treasury of Ontario. However, Ford did not say how the government make up the billions of lost revenue that may arise as a result of these changes.

“Every day I hear from people that they are tired of the fact that gasoline prices are high and continue to grow. They are tired of high fuel prices, goods and services, growth of which is no end in sight,” said the leader of the progressive conservatives in Oakville.

Ford also reaffirmed its promise to reduce the tax on carbon emissions in Ontario. According to a press release, the tax on extraction of oil and diesel fuel in the provinces now amounts to 14.7 cents and 14.3 cents per litre, respectively. Ford the government will reduce this tax by 9 cents for both fuel types.

Last year, the program of investment and trade Ontario had a budget of about $1.9, but the fuel tax has brought about $2.7 billion Ford promises to abandon both at the same time reducing public expenditure in an amount not less than $6 billion, reducing the tax rate in the second tax group of the province, lowering the corporate tax rate and greatly reducing the cost of electricity.

When the journalists said that the government would not be able to afford such changes, Ford said that the money that the voters will save on gasoline will increase economic activity.

“We can’t afford not to do it, – said Ford, without specifying the offer. Is the cuts that will leave more money in your pocket.”

Ford also repeated his statement that “phased” audit of government ministries will help to save or to bring in billions of dollars.

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