Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is not afraid to die

Экс-президент США Джимми Картер не боится умирать

Former President Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter) says that he was “calm about death” 2 weeks after hospitalization.

Former President Jimmy Carter said he was not afraid to die, speaking to a crowd during the Sunday school services this weekend. Throughout his life he remained a faithful Baptist, and he now appeared in the Church in less than two weeks after he was hospitalized because of a broken pelvis after falling.

95-year-old Carter made a speech in Sunday school, Maranatha Church in plains, Georgia, whose main theme was the concept of life after death Christians. The former President said that after he learned that he had cancer, the prospect of death was real, and he was no longer afraid of it.

“I asked God to keep me alive, but I just asked God to give me the right attitude to death. And I found that I was relaxed in this respect,” said Carter.