Found a letter of Galileo, whom he cheated the Inquisition

Найдено письмо Галилея, которым он обманул инквизицию

In order to improve its reputation, Galileo went to the trick.

Historians from the University of Bergamo in Italy found in the archives of the Royal society of London letter to Galileo, with which he deceived the Church and took him from the suspicion of the Inquisition. Information was published in a report in the journal Nature.

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Commitment to Galileo’s heliocentric system of the world has led to the appearance of many enemies and attracted scientist attention of the Inquisition. In 1613, Galileo wrote the famous letter to his pupil, the Abbe Castelli, defending the heliocentric model of the Solar system. Galileo wrote that Scripture refers only to the salvation of the soul in scientific matters is not authoritative: “no one is saying Scripture has no such coercive force, which is any phenomenon of nature,” he argued. The letter was published in open sources, which resulted in a wave of denunciations to the Inquisition.

He announced that this letter was written by his enemies in order to blacken the name of the scientist. In parallel, he prepared a new version of the letter, which found the researchers. If he originally wrote, which States in the Bible “about, if we go by literal meaning of the words”, in a new version called them “different from the truth”. Many other statements have also been replaced with a softer synonyms. Letter he through Roman priest gave to the Vatican.

However, self-censorship is ultimately not saved Galileo in 1633, Rome was the inquisitorial process, the results of which the scientist was sentenced to life in prison, which was soon replaced by house arrest and lifetime supervision of the Inquisition.

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