Found a mysterious burial of an ancient civilization

Найдено загадочное захоронение древнейшей цивилизации

For the Maya it was the cave of the ancestors.

Mexican archaeologists found three skeletons of representatives of the Mayan civilization in one of the caves of the state of Tabasco.

This writes the with reference to SkyNews.

The most interesting discovery channel called elongated skull of a man who lived about seven thousand years ago. Two other skeletons is estimated at four thousand years.

According to experts, the remains belong to the period when people were just transitioning from hunting to a sedentary lifestyle.

Archaeologist Alberto Martos said that in ancient times a cave, in which remains were found was used for rituals or as a cemetery.

“For the Mayans, this was a cave of ancestors,” he said.

The origin of the Maya civilization, famous for their writing, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems, refer to 2000 BC — 250 ad.

900 years of our era there was a mass Exodus from the cities of Maia, still remains a mystery to scientists. According to various versions, this could occur as a result of overpopulation, military conflict or a major environmental incident, for example, extreme drought.

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