Found a new relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Найден новый родственник тираннозавра

In height it reached 6 meters.

In the U.S. state of new Mexico paleontologists found a new relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. To determine which squad and applies the family of this individual, they created models of bones and skulls the found fragments with the help of 3D scanning and printing. A study published in the journal PeerJ.

American paleontologists Andrew MacDonald and Douglas Wolfe in search of dinosaur bones excavated in the territory of new Mexico, in the formation of Minefi. There they found relatively well-preserved bones of a dinosaur that lived about 78 million years ago. New species almost immediately attributed to tyrannosaurids is a large bipedal dinosaur of the suborder of theropods. However, because the fragments is clearly different from the bones of other members of this family, scientists have realized that he had found a new species. It was called Dynamoterror dynastes (gr. dynamis – power, lat. terror – fear, terror, lat. dynastes – ruler).

To determine the appearance of the bones, paleontologists have used the technology of 3D scanning. Before its use, to confirm the classification of the fossil, the scientists went weeks. Now the scanning of the fragments, creating models and printing them took only three days. The resulting 3D images can be viewed on Sketchfab.

For MacDonald and Wolfe Dynamoterror dynastes – is the second described species of dinosaurs from the formation of Minefi of the state of new Mexico. In August 2017, they opened Invictarx zephyri, which belonged to the family of nodosaurs – a herbivorous dinosaur with an armor of bony plates. The remains of this species were scanned and posted on the web.

The theropods – the bipedal dinosaurs, most of which are predators. The most famous species of this suborder – the Tyrannosaurus rex – was opened in 1905 in the United States. In height it reached 6 meters in length – 13,5 m, and weighed about nine tons. Recently, scientists attributed to theropods and modern birds. Formation of Minefi formed in the Mesozoic era (about 66 – 250 million years ago). She was part of the island-continent Laramide, the Western area of the ancient continent, which then, as a result of geological processes became modern North America.

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