Found dead, naked and tied up to a chair : three suspects in police custody

Retrouvé mort, nu et ligoté à une chaise : trois suspects en garde à vue

In the framework of the investigation into the murder of a man in Piolenc, Vaucluse, three suspects were arrested Monday and placed in custody.

It is the alleged perpetrator of the murder, at the age of a little less than 30 years, his “sidekick” who is under the age of 21 years and the mother of the main put in question,” said Pierre Gagnoud, the prosecutor of Carpentras.

The lifeless body of the victim was found Friday, nearly naked, partially attached to a chair in his guest house. The autopsy revealed that he had been killed three strokes of the knife.

“the homicide was committed on grounds heinous. The victim, who was a guest room in a detached house, and the alleged perpetrator came into contact via a dating site specialized.” said the prosecutor.

“It is likely that the author of the homicide and his friend have been on the spot to strip the victim.” he added.

It seems that the accomplice of 21-year-old is stuck to the outside of the house during the crime. They have then stolen the car of the sixties, then get rid of it and sprang to the side of the road, open doors and warning lit.

As to the mother of the main suspect, it is unknown for the moment, his degree of involvement in this case.