Found in Egypt dedicated to two Queens stele

В Египте найдена посвященная двум царицам стела

On the stele was a picture of the founder of the XVIII dynasty and her granddaughter.

Archaeologists have discovered in southern Egypt stele, which was made about three thousand years ago. On it was a depiction of the ancestors of the eighteenth dynasty of Queen Tetisheri and her granddaughter ahmese Nefertari, reports the online edition of the with reference to

According to researchers, Tetisheri was the wife of one of the pharaohs of the XVIIth dynasty, Tao I, who reigned about 1578-1573 years BC. Despite humble origins Tetisheri, Pharaoh not only chose her, but did his chief wife. It bore the title the great Queen, or great Royal wife. Tetisheri was the mother of the Pharaoh of the XVII dynasty of Tao II and his wife Ahhotep and grandmother following the first Pharaoh, eighteenth dynasty, Ahmose I and his sister wives ahmese Nefertari.

Pharaoh Ahmose I ruled for about 25 years, from 1550 in 1525 BC. He freed the country from the Hyksos, a Semitic tribe that around 1650 BC, conquered most of Egypt and founded two of the ruling dynasty. After the death of Ahmose I, the priests declared him a God; the goddess called, and his sister-wife ahmese Nefertari, she also bore the title “Great wife of the king.”

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