Found in London, the power of the Pope, was transferred to Westminster Cathedral

Найденные в Лондоне мощи Папы Римского, передали в Вестминстерский собор

The relics found in London trash in London scavengers Discovered the relics of Pope Clement I was transferred to Westminster Cathedral, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

Apparently, the relics were thrown away the thieves stole them from the last owner, who wished to remain anonymous. The object will be on display in the Cathedral precincts.

The Pontiff of the I century ad Clement I was exiled from Rome by Emperor Trajan and was martyred in the Chersonese. Deputy Keeper of sculpture, metal-work, ceramics and glass at London’s Victoria and albert Museum Tessa Murdoch says that a convex oval reliquary containing the bone fragment of Clement I, in all probability, dates back to XVII century.

Located on the reverse side of the seal depicting the coat of arms set of 15 brushes, suggests that this object belonged to the cardinal, who “was responsible for the division of the relics in “particles””. According to one version, these relics are associated with the Basilica of St. Clement in Rome, run by Irish Dominicans.

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