Found in space the nebula in the game

В космосе найдена туманность в стиле Хэллоуин

Spitzer space telescope discovered in deep space a massive nebula, like luminous pumpkins which are called Jack-lantern – a symbol of Halloween.

Because of the similarity with a pumpkin scientists awarded the newly found object, the name Jack-o`-lantern Nebula. Inside is the star O-type, about 15 to 20 times heavier than our Sun. Its light paints the gas of the nebula, turning into a sort of “burning candles in the center of hollowed-out pumpkins,” said NASA in a statement.

Infrared image of the Spitzer space telescope posted online and became the main image for the holiday this year.

“A recent study of this region shows that a powerful flow of radiation and particles from stars, probably covered the surrounding cloud of gas and dust that compose the nebula”, say astrophysics.

The study is published in the Astrophysical Journal.