Found Newton’s prophecy of the Apocalypse

Найдено пророчество Ньютона об апокалипсисе

The end of the world awaits humanity in 2060.

The researchers found in the writings of British physicist the exact date of the “reset” of the Earth.

Despite appearing repeatedly in the past messages about the end of the world, nothing predicted has not come true. So, for example, the expected Apocalypse with the coming of the new XXI century, but the Earth is still spinning as if nothing had happened.

However, it became known that one of the researchers, studying the works of Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton) discovered the prophecy about Armageddon. It found a scientist named Florian Freistetter. He claims to have discovered records in which British physicist writes not only about the fact that the population of the planet are waiting for war, natural disasters and epidemics, but even identified the exact date when it all should happen.

According to the prediction, the end of the world awaits humanity in 2060. Freistetter argues, it is this year that will have a “reboot” of the planet, after which comes “the era of harmony and love.”

Earlier in the Network appeared the message that according to prophecy Vanga in 2023, the Earth will change its orbit because of a collision with the planet Nibiru. The main impact will on Europe, the territory of the Russian Federation will not be affected.

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