Found saved the Earth planet

Найдена спасшая Землю планета

In our Solar system could be another planet.

Planetary scientists have assumed that the strong gravitational field of Jupiter has just pushed out a ninth planet beyond the boundaries our universe.

Scientists have recently come to the conclusion that our Solar system could be another planet. But it “kicked” Jupiter, which presumably had a stronger gravitational field. David Nesvorny, a planetary scientist from southwest research Institute in boulder, United States expressed the view that this planet turned out like a “Martyr” because, most likely, if it were not, then Jupiter would be evicted either Uranus or Neptune. His findings can be read in the journal Scientific American.

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Nesvorny tried for several years to simulate the gravitational interaction in our solar system. He was convinced that the borders of our galaxy were somewhat different than now.

The scientist is part of a group of researchers who are working to understand how the solar system was born and why the planets in this way. They used sophisticated mathematical and computer models to recreate the first few hundred million years of life in our galaxy, to show how they faced the planet, which initially were quite close to each other, and to explain why they “jumped” from one orbit to another.

Every time a group of scientists, changing the variables came to the same conclusion – due to the strong gravitational field of Jupiter or Uranus or Neptune were “ejected” outside the galaxy. However, we see that both planets are in their places. And they were even visited by spacecraft. Something didn’t add up.

It was then Nesvorny came to the conclusion that there was a planet – “the Martyr”. It reached Jupiter and just “evicted” for the Kuiper belt. The scientist found that in our system there was another fairly large space body. However, the Jupiter competition has not suffered and evicted the ninth planet. Because, otherwise, he “threw” in the Kuiper belt exist in their seats or Uranus or Neptune.

Nesvorny was able to calculate where the ninth planet and how some looked. According to the scientist, it is located approximately between the initial orbits of Saturn and Uranus. She is almost 16 times larger than the Earth in size and mass roughly equal to Uranus and Neptune.

By the way, according to the researchers, a “Martyr” and saved the Earth. It is because Jupiter has directed all its gravitational interaction against the kind ninth planet, which had a “negligence” approach to the giant, our “cradle of mankind” has managed to remain in its orbit – Jupiter is just not strong enough.

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