Found the remains of the ancient animal on the planet

Найдены останки самого древнего животного на планете

Archaeologists made a remarkable discovery.

Discovery of the archaeologists shows that the history of the terrestrial fauna is much longer than previously thought, reports the with reference to PolitekA.

Near the White sea, archaeologists found the oldest animal that ever lived on Earth. Age creature is record 558 million years.

Age was determined by the remains of fossilised fat – this organic compound is not contained in plants or mushrooms, and then discovered the body belongs to the animal Kingdom.

Sea creature, dubbed Dickinsonia was the size 1.4 metres in length and almost as wide.

This is probably the earliest ancestor of the current mammals. Externally, the creature resembles a leaf with a branched structure resembling a fingerprint.

The discovery shows that the history of the terrestrial fauna is much longer than previously thought. Moreover, this living organism lived for 20 million years before the Cambrian explosion – so scientists call the period, during which dramatically increased the number of fossil remains of living beings.

Dickinson led a sedentary lifestyle. But their descendants soon moved, having grown legs. And it happened, as it turned out, too many millions of years earlier than was considered.

Also earlier it was reported that archaeologists have made a landmark in the history of discovery. Scientists-Egyptologists did not even know what a surprise was hiding from them the Sands of the ancient capital of one of the Egyptian regions.

During the road work, clean up groundwater temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan, the workers came upon the statue, identical to that for several thousand years, adorns the valley of the pyramids in Giza.

We are talking about the famous Sphinx. The discovery was made of Sandstone, has a width at base 28 cm and, in the words of the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of antiquities Mustafa Vaziri, may belongs to the era of Ptolemies (331 BC – 31 BC).

An indirect confirmation of this, he explained, is that the artifact was found in the same South-Eastern part of the ancient Egyptian temple, where two months ago I found a statue of the Pharaoh Ptolemy V (204-180 BC) as well as two ancient monuments of the same time period.

Найдены останки самого древнего животного на планете

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