Found traces of existence of ancient microcontinents

Найдены следы существования древних микроконтинентов

The connection lands led to the formation of the British Isles.

British scientists say that the British Isles was formed after the merger of three microcontinents Avalonia, Laurentiu and Armorica, reports the with reference on the people the Truth.

The study involved scientists at the Plymouth University.

Armorica the microcontinent was formed in the late Silurian period as a result of separation from Gondwana (about 419 million years ago), and then later, by the end of the Carboniferous period (about 300 million years ago) collided with the supercontinent Laurussia.

For analysis of the mineralogical composition of the rocks in the counties of Cornwall and Devon in England, geologists took samples of minerals and have studied them using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. And there was determined the ratio of isotopes of neodymium and strontium. The result was a comparison with data on species in other parts of the UK and continental Europe.

It turned out that the rocks characteristic of Armorica rich in tin and tungsten. They are found in the South-West of England and are associated geologically with the French region of Brittany. The boundary between Armorica and Avalonia runs from the mouth of the river Ex (empties into the Bay of the English channel) to the town of Camelford.

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