Found traces of the great tsunami in the history of the planet

Найдены следы самого большого цунами в истории планеты

Wave height was 1000 meters.

Experts under the Tübingen (Germany) have found traces of an incredibly large tsunami caused, apparently, by the fall of the meteorite. On disaster indicated by the presence of twenty centimeters of the limestone layer. In the aftermath, 200 million years ago died a huge number of animals, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Near the settlement of Prosdorf in the rocks, the color of which changes from dark to blue-black, the experts find the remains of shellfish, is turned with the convex side up. This indicates that at one point of substance was washed with water, the wave height was more than 1000 meters and “hid” 1000 kilometres of land.

After a disaster left a layer consisting of sand, silt, and remnants of animals. If now the layer is only 20-30 cm, therefore, before pressing its thickness was approximately one meter. Therefore, the accident was caused by incredible force, perhaps by an earthquake. It is worth noting that 200 million years ago, the magnitude of the tremors reached 20 points, but today a maximum of 9 points. There are no prerequisites for a repeat of the disasters there.

The earthquake, in turn, could be caused by impact from outer space. A meteorite could fall between Iceland and North America. At the fall of cosmic bodies indicates the presence of chemical elements such as iridium.

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