“Freezing” the salaries of managers in the public sector of Ontario’s economy is gaining momentum (PHOTOS)

«Заморозка» зарплат руководителей в государственном секторе экономики Онтарио набирает обороты (ФОТО)

The Ontario government froze the salaries of executives in the public sector, while it is exploring the question of what payment for your work should receive the first persons of organizations – school boards, universities and hospitals.

This week, the agencies within the public sector, was sent to the Directive, which the President of the Treasury Board of Ontario Peter Bethlenfalvy indicated that the base salaries of executives may not exceed their current amounts, because the provincial government is currently reviewing the size of salaries, and this process will be completed in June next year.

This step affects those who earn $100,000 or more in public sector organizations of the economy, and so has managed to concern the higher administration of the composition of school councils and hospitals.

Bethlenfalvy noted that this measure included in the plan of the provincial government to “restore order in the Ontario budget”.

“Our commitment to the people of Ontario is that we should carefully study our costs, − he reminded. We have to get back on the path of financial responsibility, and that’s the important part”.

The Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford, came to power at the end of June, promised the province to save $6 billion. Is the provincial government established an independent Commission to conduct a comprehensive analysis, which was assigned to conduct an audit of the budget to assess the financial situation of Ontario.

Earlier this summer, the progressive conservatives have stopped the growth of salaries of heads of the state ministries and ordered the revision of the size of their salaries.

Kathy Abraham, President of the Association of school councils of Ontario, said the wage freeze for management lasted under the previous liberal government for eight years, and it is only recently abolished.

In her opinion, the inability to increase the patch harms the ability of school boards throughout the province to retain and attract qualified personnel in management positions.

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