Freimut talked about the relationship with her husband

Фреймут рассказала об отношениях с мужем

Olga freimuth told why he hung a portrait of her husband in the Studiorecently on air of TV channel “Novyy” launched a new show “Olga”, the main star of which is Olga Freimut. The transmission format provides that come to the leading Ukrainian personalities and they communicate in an informal setting, on the sofas, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

The return of Olga has caused a storm of indignation from the audience, after all, previously, the celebrity was led by the New “Breakfast” and “Auditor”, but with the scandal “went” to another channel. After that, Freimut poured a huge amount of negative comments. And now Olga is back on “home” channel.

The audience immediately reacted to this event, noting that it was not related to whether this rapid return that the husband of Olga freimuth – Director of the “New” channel Vladimir Lokotko? Itself leading only joking on this topic in their social networks and live shows.

In one of the last posts to Instagram the woman spoke about his warm feelings toward her husband: “Volodya pevnou Mira conservative man, that hepatica head often from MoH day. Wherein kazhe, shcho I have Demba special. I duzhe love sluchaty moï respond about siomki. Decomo reported Yogo prekonavani. For example, versile pausity in wide studies show Yogo portrait. Zaprometova: “Ti scho you want, I dwellers CCB, Yak Volodymyr LLC Linn?”. I vastupala your position: show about me I zi I mean, this is my territory, and on the tions Mauger Buti all scho meni expensive.”

Desire to hang a portrait of Vladimir in the Studio was not the idea of the editors and Director of the show, and Olga Freimut. As you can see, the host is able to defend its position, despite the criticism of others. Olga is not a bit ashamed of neither the high position of her husband, nor of love to him.

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