Frequent increased blood pressure can cause dementia – scientists

Частое повышение артериального давления может вызывать слабоумие, - ученые

High blood pressure affects the brain.

A team of scientists from the UK have discovered a new danger of hypertension. The fact that high blood pressure affects the brain and can cause dementia, reports the with reference to Comments.

Doctors from University College London said that for several years, hypertension can dramatically destroy the brain and cause in middle-age the development of dementia. The results of the research colleagues was confirmed by Professor Laura Phipps from the Research Institute of Alzheimer’s in the UK.

Phipps spoke about the link between high blood pressure and risk of dementia, highlighting the average age as a particularly important factor to influence brain health.

“We know that diseases that cause dementia begin to develop in the brain over many years before symptoms begin to appear, so the average age is an important time for people to reduce their pressure and to prevent dementia in the future,” said Laura Phipps.

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