Fresh jokes will cheer up even the saddest people

Свежие анекдоты поднимут настроение даже самым грустным людям

Smile, life is beautiful! Our life is full of surprises, amenities and situations that, at times, despite its drama, is able to bring a smile, writes the with reference to real

In our review of the cards with the situations, peeped in life.

Conversation of motorists:– At me in the car on the happiness icon attached.– And I have a baby on the sucker on glass dangles.– And my happiness brakes and airbags…

– I don’t snore. I dream about motorcycles.

– Madame Ziperovich, sho you think you are? Themselves from Odessa and still afraid to swim?– And you, Yash, live in Borispol, and sho can fly?

A man is a man who shares the flowers: roses and “this is what’s it called?”

To cheer yourself up in the autumn, when particularly sad, I paint my nails. Sleeping husband.

– Mom, what is multiple sclerosis?– What did you ask?– When?

Go to a rumpled, not to worry if I did iron.

Users note. Your keyboard will last much longer if before using it to cure nerves…

An experienced member of the movement “Stopham” may the taste to distinguish a pistol from a pistol TT.

The best defense is a good offense, so instead of “Explanatory” always write “a Report”.

Yeah, hard times my friends had this weekend!– What?– Beer, fish, crayfish.– Well, Yes, not sugar!

– You urgently need to lose weight.– Doctor, but I have such a Constitution.– The Constitution we have one, and you just eat a lot!

– Forget what you were taught in College.– I didn’t go to College.– Then You’re not for us, we need people with higher education.

– Mother, this ungrateful again, doesn’t want to eat buckwheat!– Daughter, and you tell me how hard you worked when it was cooked!– Cooked? So it have to cook?!

– Son, where do you dream to work? I like to work in?!

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