Fresh rating of the best car for adventurous travelers

Свежий рейтинг лучших авто для экстремальных путешественников

The most passable and capacious. Fans of extreme rest and travel in a car, on his experience convinced of the importance of comfort, capacity and flotation machines, reports the with reference to

Experts called cars that possess the above three qualities.

In the fourth place of a rating there is the BMW Active Tourer.

150-horsepower diesel machine refused the outsider of a rating only because it is the only model in the list that do not have four-wheel drive. The car has a convertible salon that allows not only comfortable to sit in the road, but also to sleep at bus stops.

The third line of the rating took a spectacular four-wheel drive pickup Toyota Tundra. In the cargo compartment of the car can accommodate a Quad or a snowmobile. This machine is driven by a powerful V8 of 5.7.

Second place went to van Mitsubishi Delica with all-wheel drive chassis model Pajero. The disadvantage of this machine is that it is no longer produced and difficult to find on the secondary market.

The leader of the rating recognized the crossover Honda Element. Hinged door, large side Windows and a convertible saloon will impress fans of active rest.

Four-wheel drive the car has under the hood a 2.4 unit model CR-V with CVT.

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