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Are you entitled to receive compensation for an accident that wasn't your fault? Our team of auto accident specialists can streamline the painful process of driver negligence. We have a track record of getting insurance companies to concede on behalf of our clients. Reach out to us so we can get you get you the compensation you deserve!

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Car Accident Law

Distracted Driving

Have you been injured in an auto accident because of the negligence of another driver? You're entitled to compensation.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence is against the law. If you or loved one has been injured, contact us today to for financial compensation.

Mechanical Defects

Were you in an auto accident because your vehicle had a mechanical defect? Contact us to discuss your rights.


If you have been injured due to speeding and reckless driving, you are entitled to a financial settlement.

Failure to Stop or Yield

You shouldn't have to pay for other drivers failing to abide by the legal rules of the road. Call us today if you've been in an accident.

Driving While Fatigued

Were you in a car accident because the other driver dozed off behind the wheel? Contact us to discuss your legal options.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our lawyers specialize in automobile collision law and can help you with attaining the best possible outcome. We have an impressively strong track record of squeezing more out out of big insurance corporations to maximize our clients reimbursement on their claims.

You or loved one shouldn't have to suffer financially or physically due to the carelessness of others on the road. Our team of seasoned car accident lawyers are here to discuss your claim free of charge so that you may take the next steps to recovery. Reach out today.

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Our specialized team of car accident attorneys take the guess work out of your auto injury claim and ensure you receive the highest possible compensation. Contact us today for your free, no strings attached consultation to discuss your case.

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Our Attorneys

  • Car Accident Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    Sources tell us that the surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the intersection where the accident occurred are now working.

  • Car Wreck Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    When you are looking for a E&D Car Accident Lawyers car accident attorney to represent you this becomes all the more crucial. But despite having the insurance necessary to cover your medical expenses and wage losses you cant always count on getting the compensation you need when an accident turns fatal. If your lawyer is able to predict how long itll take you to recover you can be confident in knowing that youll be able to recover yours as well. Taxi accidents Like limousines taxi cabs pose a similar risk to the person riding in the vehicle.

  • Collision Lawyer Near Deer Crossing

    If you are trying to digest the news of a pending lawsuit it can be helpful to discuss potential legal options with an experienced car accident lawyer. Call us today at 9364193641 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced Deer Crossing car accident lawyer. We take pride in our connection to the legal community and we understand that our clients are already focusing on recovery. That being said it is unrealistic to think you will immediately be able to settle your Deer Crossing car accident claim.

  • Car Accident Lawyer Deer Crossing

    I highly recommend E&D Car Accident Lawyers to anyone who may be needing a good hardworking attorney. At The E&D Car Accident Lawyers we carefully examine the lives of car accident victims and their families and estimate the economic and noneconomic damages a person has experienced depending on the facts surrounding their case. The Deer Crossing auto accident lawyers at our firm have decades of experience representing clients in Deer Crossing and surrounding areas who have been involved in Deer Crossing pedestrian accidents as well as other related pedestrian accidents. The insurance adjuster for the other driver will ask for this too.

  • Deer Crossing Car Crash Attorney

    In order to sue the negligent party for injuries sustained in the accident you must be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney. Your legal counsel and personal legal representation comes first. When you attend an auto accident its immediate aftermath can be frightening. Our Deer Crossing personal injury lawyers only fight for justice for the right reasons so if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury allow us to look into the case.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Deer Crossing

    The goal of hiring an auto accident attorney is to obtain compensation that can support you and your family while you deal with medical treatment and bills. The driver of the other vehicle causes an accident causing property damage personal injury or even death. Contact our Deer Crossing personal injury lawyers today to find out how we can help if you have been injured in an accident. Please contact us online or call us at 9364193641 for a free consultation today.

  • Deer Crossing Crash Attorney

    Have you been involved in a pedestrian accident Are you looking for a pedestrian accident lawyer in Deer Crossing If you were involved in a pedestrian accident it is essential that you find an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Deer Crossing as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance. You are considering taking on debt and need help getting the settlement that you need to recover. These statutes define the circumstances under which someone can receive compensation for medical bills lost wages pain and suffering and property damage.

  • Deer Crossing Car Accident Attorney

    If youre worried about the financial impact of an accident youre not alone. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and need a car accident lawyer please do not hesitate to call our office. When you are fighting for fair compensation for your injuries and the claims you have with your personal injury attorney insurance companies know you are fighting for them not just once but for life. If youve been hurt in a car accident and need immediate legal assistance please contact our law firm today to Book a Free Case Evaluation with Easy Online Consultation We have a long and successful track record when it comes to winning cases for our clients.

  • Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    In most cases the at fault drivers insurance company will cover your injuries. When you see construction workers involved in such huge chaotic projects it is best to just let them do the work. In these instances you are required to reach a settlement with the maintenance company before the budget can be reduced. Your lawyer will ensure that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

  • Auto Accident Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    You may be entitled to monetary restitution for your medical bills loss of earnings property damages and pain and suffering. Some statesights allow the injured worker or the family members to file for other damages such as pain and suffering loss of companionship or loss of consortium after which time the case can be settled by one of the parties against the other party. Whatever route you choose to go down you need to contact an experienced car accident lawyer who know how to deal with the hurdles this often creates. Reaching out to the auto accident attorneys at Deer Crossing wasnt easy without first speaking to E&D Car Accident Lawyers.

  • Deer Crossing Car Accident Lawyer

    If you have been hurt by another drivers negligence you are likely facing medical bills and lost wages that exceed what you can cover. We provide the best legal representation for auto injury in Deer Crossing. The Deer Crossingn College of Trial Lawyers declared 2017 Best Lawyers in America and one of our firms attorneys was named a E&D Car Accident Lawyers by the E&D Car Accident Lawyers an organization that rates lawyers to become 2015s most respected plaintiffs and defendants firm. They fear that a winning injury claim involving a car or some other accident they pay for may be too easy for a defendant to disprove.

  • Deer Crossing Car Wreck Attorney

    For many clients this is a first step on the road to a more positive future. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Deer Crossing look no further than E&D Car Accident Lawyers. Many of these crashes involved injuries to both drivers and passengers particularly serious injuries like head and neck injuries and back and neck injuries more commonly associated with truck accidents. When you allow our car accident lawyers to handle your case you can focus on your health and recovery.

  • Auto Accident Deer Crossing

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers understands that E&D Car Accident Lawyers and all of its residents are suffering from a sudden financial crisis that no one is really prepared for. That means if you are injured in an accident your medical bill is generally paid by the atfault driver. This recognition recognizes attorneys who have demonstrated a high level of trial success and professional integrity. However if you are more than 50 responsible for the accident and none of you are deemed to have been more than 50 responsible you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

  • Deer Crossing Auto Accident Attorney

    We represent car accident victims throughout the Deer Crossing area and throughout the state of Deer Crossing. We frequently educate new attorneys on the ins and outs of personal injury law as well as the importance of properly documenting evidence preparing police reports and doing all other steps in establishing liability in a car accident case. Car accidents can be extremely traumatic but even a seemingly minor fenderbender can result in unforeseen deleterious effects on your life. If you have been involved in a car accident slip and fall dog bite or lost a loved one due to anothers negligence.

  • Deer Crossing Collision Lawyer

    Or if they caused your car accident you could be on the hook for their damages. Our E&D Car Accident Lawyers personal injury lawyers regularly handle cases involving. If a victim already has a lawyer nothing will change between now and when they speak with their lawyer. Truth be told there is no obligation for you to speak with our car accident lawyers in Deer Crossing.

  • Deer Crossing Injury Lawyer

    Each state has its own statute of limitations for filing a claim which is exactly three years from the date of the accident. In those cases when a person takes off on one vehicle and strikes another vehicle from behind E&D Car Accident Lawyers office investigates to determine whether or not someone was texting speeding or running a red light when the collision occurred. The Deer Crossing truck accident attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers are here to help. Car accidents truck accidents medical malpractice drunk driving and many other types of personal injury cases can be surprisingly complex and a good lawyer will often require an entire book to effectively present your case.

  • Collision Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    Our team of attorneys and paralegals have over ten years of expertise in auto accidents and personal injury. If you have been injured in any of these types of accidents contact us for a free consultation. The team at E&D Car Accident Lawyers offers free case reviews and case endorsements for DUI defense lawyers criminal defense lawyers abuse victims and family members who have suffered injury or abuse in. Cell Phone Use is Not Recognized Legal Professors Professionals Professionalism Attorneys Who Represent Students Lawyer Deer Crossing Personal Injury Lawyers Attorney listed on E&D Car Accident Lawyers list of Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Deer Crossing.

  • Auto Accident Lawyer Near Deer Crossing

    When you use a Deer Crossing personal injury lawyer or Deer Crossing car accident attorney they will go out of their way to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured or died as a result of E&D Car Accident Lawyers negligence please contact local attorneys at radke. Injured in an auto accident Struggling to make ends meet Forgotten injuries and medical bills pile up You dont have to become a victim of someone elses negligence. But if you or a loved one has been in a crash that resulted in an injury contact us today at 9364193641 or use our email form to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

  • Deer Crossing Car Crash Lawyer

    At E&D Car Accident Lawyers we know how insurance companies operate and we are here to help you receive the money you deserve after being injured in a car accident. At E&D Car Accident Lawyers among the best attorney deals E&D Car Accident Lawyers ever had the pleasure of knowing. If youve been injured in a car accident the Deer Crossing car accident personal injury attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers will fight to ensure you are compensated for your medical expenses lost wages and physical therapy. In Deer Crossing the minimum amount of auto insurance for injury is virtually identical to the states 93641 minimum coverage.

  • Car Wreck Attorney Deer Crossing

    Our Deer Crossing car accident attorneys understand the challenges that our clients experience and we will do everything we can to help you obtain the damages you need for the injuries you have suffered. During the initial consultation your lawyer will sit down with you and begin working on your case. Because of this it is critical to get to know your Deer Crossing car accident attorney and your legal rights. Truck accidents can cause severe injuries and even minor risks such as scrapes cuts and bruises can lead to costly medical bills and other longterm expenses.

  • Auto Accident Lawyer Deer Crossing

    If you have been involved in a serious car accident we can help We are a top Deer Crossing car accident law firm that handles a wide variety of auto accident claims. In order to recover the full amount of your compensation you will need to prove that someone else was negligent in a car accident and you suffered damages on the grounds of bodily harm emotional distress or property damage. E&D Car Accident Lawyers has beenages in personal injury cases for over 35 generations by actively protecting the rights of our clients to assist individuals who were injured due to someone elses carelessness or wrongdoing. Auto accidents can cause farreaching issues such as back and neck injuries whiplash herniated discs and brain injuries and when you are dealing with significant back and neck injuries that require invasive treatments medical bills and lost wages you cannot afford to be negligent in the slightest.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Deer Crossing

    How are accident benefits paid Its a familiar story car accident victims are hit get injured struggle to get back on their feet get compensation. When speaking to the opposing insurance company remind them how vulnerable you and your family are after being in a car accident that if you give a recorded statement you may not be able to receive the full compensation you deserve and the insurance company may use it against you. At the personal injury law office of E&D Car Accident Lawyers our Deer Crossing car accident attorneys have the experience necessary to navigate the Maritime parts of Deer Crossing car accident case against the largest trucking company and the trucking company responsible for the horrific crash among the most experienced commercial litigation teams in the country. We care deeply about the way we live our lives and the way we work.

  • Collision Attorney Deer Crossing

    Whatever the case may be our Deer Crossing car accident lawyers here at E&D Car Accident Lawyers will help you learn about your legal options and the legal process in order to protect your rights. E&D Car Accident Lawyers our personal injury attorneys are fortunate to have amassed a distinguished panel of experts that help us in our efforts to obtain maximum compensation for injured clients. After any serious injury make it a point to schedule a free no obligation consultation with one of our Deer Crossing personal injury lawyers. Every year thousands of people suffer serious injuries on our busy highways.

  • Car Crash Attorney Near Deer Crossing

    The researchers estimated that a 35 mile per hour speed limit would reduce the number of car crashes by about 82. The two cars were involved in a fiery crash that took place in Deer Crossing. Here is how were going to go about making the insurance company better off. If youre in need of a DUI attorney you can contact E&D Car Accident Lawyers for a free consultation.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Near Deer Crossing

    Our Deer Crossing car accident attorneys have the resources to do research and bring in outside experts if needed. If you have never entered into a civil claim you likely have no idea how to proceed beyond a settlement. Some insurance companies will manipulate your statement and push you onto taking a cheaper settlement. With generous support from fellow attorneys and clients the E&D Car Accident Lawyers brings justice for victims of car accidents to Deer Crossing and Deer Crossing.

  • Car Crash Attorney Deer Crossing

    We encourage you to reach out to our skilled Deer Crossing personal injury attorneys to learn more.


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  • My experience couldn't have better despite being involved in an unfortunate situation. Siv & Times Car Accident Attorneys were there for me when I needed them most. I would recommend them a million times over.

    Frank Colski
    Santa Barbara, California
  • Hard working crew, amazing at what they do! They simplified everything in an easy to follow way that made the process painless.

    Angela Duncan
    Mountain View, California
  • My case was handled in the most professional and diligent way making me extremely comfortable throughout the entire legal process.

    Sarah Williams
    La Jolla, California
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