From 2021, the year the EU will be banned disposable plastic tableware

С 2021-го года в ЕС будет запрещена одноразовая пластиковая посуда

The EU has decided to ban the use of disposable plastic tableware.

European Parliament Committee on the environment voted for the ban in the EU from 2021 the use of disposable plastic products.

The ban will affect products that account for more than 70% of marine debris, will be banned under the plans, supported by the Committee on the environment, — specified in the release, which also mentioned plastic plates and Cutlery, which proposes to ban in 2021.

It is reported by the European Parliament.

Use products that have no alternative options, the EU proposed to reduce by 2025. Such items include, for example, disposable boxes for burgers and containers for food, desserts and ice cream.

A report with proposals will be voted on the plenary session of the European Parliament from 22 to 25 October.

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